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Dental Implants

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Madison, IN

Tooth loss causes many problems in everyday life, such as having difficulty speaking and eating efficiently. On top of that, many consider missing teeth unattractive. Dr. Zac Gilbertson and his team offer dental implants in Madison, IN as comprehensive replacements.

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Receive Dental Implants Placement & Restorations in Madison, IN

Dental implants provide complete replacements for missing teeth, from roots up to the crowns. While a denture or bridgework adequately restore minor chewing function, it’s a temporary solution to a complex issue. Surgical intervention to replace the roots of teeth is necessary to preserve jawbone and dental health.

With this procedure, titanium posts are placed directly into the jaw to bolster its strength and provide the support necessary. The biocompatible titanium fuses to the bone and generates united support for both surrounding soft and hard tissue. Dr. Gilbertson offers the following restorations:

Single-unit crowns replace a missing tooth at any point in the smile. As an alternative to the bridge, this tooth replacement option provides support for the prosthetic crown and the jawbone while preserving existing dentition. This procedure works effectively following an extraction to preserve the alignment and structure of the smile.

Implant-supported bridges replace a short row of teeth using up to three implants. While traditional dental bridges require the alteration of existing teeth, implant-supported bridges gather support directly from the bone.

Hybrid and overdentures replace up to an entire arch or stabilize dentures already in use. For those finding issues with stability of their dentures, as little as two implants can secure the appliance in place and improve its function. Patients may require up to six implants for optimal restoration of dental function.

Determining Your Candidacy

Dr. Gilbertson takes no shortcuts when determining eligibility and outlining treatment. We use an in-office cone beam CT scanner to gather a digital blueprint of a patient’s dental biology and find out if dental implants are the right choice. We take a look at bone density and size as well as implant location and angle of placement if applicable. Our team also takes into consideration a patient’s medical history to ensure we provide them the best opportunity for success. Our dentist in Madison removes the guesswork and ensures a smooth procedure.

Once patients have been selected as candidates for dental implants, Dr. Gilbertson goes to work creating a customized plan that fits perfectly with them. He performs any necessary preliminary procedures, such as bone grafting, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts, to improve results. Patients experiencing complex complications are referred to a trusted surgeon.

Our crowns, bridges, and dentures are all crafted by a lab right here in our state. We send photos to their technicians to allow them to match restorations perfectly with each patient. This ensures our porcelain and zirconia restorations are long lasting, beautiful, and customized to each patient's smile.

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Our dental practice in Madison is dedicated to improving your oral health using state-of-the-art dental care. We provide dental implants in Madison, IN for patients experiencing missing teeth. Schedule a consultation today and learn about the benefits dental implants can have on your smile.